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Badger Hospice, LLC was initiated and is owned by local Wisconsin Health Care Providers who are passionate about providing hospice services that are focused on the patient and their loved ones, not the disease.

“We can’t add days to your life…But we can add life to your days!”


Badger Hospice is committed to our Mission to maintain the dignity, goals and wishes of our Patients in the final phase of life, advanced illness.

Our goal is to offer the optimal level of support and services needed to meet the physical, medical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of our Patients.

We believe that life is precious from beginning to the natural end.  Our commitment is to offer simple acts of care in an exceptional manner to our Patients and their Families.


The Vision of Badger Hospice is to provide End of Life Care which maintains the dignity of the Individual who is facing the final stage of life and advanced illness.  We recognize that each individual has the right to determine their own goals of care during the final stages of their illness and we focus on support, comfort, education and quality of life.

Badger Hospice exists to promote End of Life Care that maintains that each Patient’s journey is unique to how they lived.  Our commitment is simply to meet our Patients’ where they are at in their End of Life journey, wherever that may be.  Our goal is to provide support and care that allows our Patients to live as comfortably as possible throughout their journey. Badger Hospice exists to serve our Patients’ and the individuals that are most important to them.

  • Badger Hospice provides a holistic, patient centered approach
  • Experienced and competent interdisciplinary care team
  • Patient and family centered plan of care which respects the patient and family goals of care
  • Care focuses on dignity and comfort which focuses on the well-being and fulfillment of one’s life journey.

What is Hospice Care?

Badger Hospice only hires exceptional, experienced staff. Our commitment to our patient’s and their Families is to offer simple acts of care in an exceptional manner.

The Hospice Team

To maintain our commitment to our Patients and their Families to offer simple acts of care in an exceptional manner, Badger Hospice only hires exceptional, experienced staff.

Grief and Loss

Losing a loved one is difficult and can be extremely exhausting.  Badger Hospice is here to support both the Patient and their loved ones through the grieving process.

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