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How Are Hospice Services Covered?
In most cases, hospice services are covered by Medicare A, Medicaid or Private insurance.  If a patient is uninsured or underinsured, Badger Hospice is willing to work with eligible patients.
Medicare A Hospice Benefit
  • The Medicare A benefit provides comprehensive coverage for hospice care.
  • Medicare A beneficiaries who have coverage under Medicare A and meet the requirements of hospice eligibility can access the Medicare A hospice benefit.
  • Medicare A reimburses all hospice providers at a daily rate.
Medicaid Hospice Benefit
  • Medicaid is a State funded program that provides medical coverage for persons who have limited financial means and who meet the eligibility requirements of hospice care.
Medicaid and hospice care
Medicare HMO
  • If an individual is enrolled in a Medicare A HMO, the Medicare A HMO reverts back to regular Medicare A benefits when hospice eligible.
Private Health Insurance
  • Badger Hospice will verify and attempt to negotiate coverage with private and commercial health insurance providers.
  • As with any health care insurance plan, deductibles and co-payments may be applied to the hospice benefit.
  • If Badger Hospice is not able to negotiate coverage with your insurance provider, with your permission, we can refer you to a hospice provider within your insurance providers network.
Private Health Insurance
Coverage for Services Unrelated to the Hospice Care
  • There may be occasions when the Patient requires medical services that are not related to the life limiting illness that are not covered by the hospice benefit.
  • To ensure that you will not be charged for these services directly, or to verify theses services will be covered, please consult with your Hospice Nurse prior to seeking any medical services.