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What is Hospice Care?

  • Hospice Care is a special type of health care designed to provide comfort, care and support to Patients and their loved ones when a life limiting illness is no longer responding to curative treatments.
  • Hospice Care helps Patients and their loved ones make the most of the days that remain.
  • Hospice Care allows Patients and their loved ones to focus on the things that matter most; time with loved ones, loving and sharing conversations, reminiscence with family and friends.
  • Hospice is about a plan of care that promotes, comfort, compassion and support for the Patient and their loved ones.
  • Hospice Care focuses on the Patient and those who are important to them, not the disease.
  • Hospice Care is about meeting the Patient where they are at, reaffirming life, dignity, comfort and promoting quality of life.

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